Serve Us Tender

by Egrets on Ergot

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all songs:

played by Heather Galipo, Adam Brooks, Matt Sherin, Jose Molina

"Iris Seen" and "Raven's Ravine"
written by Egrets on Ergot + Madison Wise & Constancio Sanchez

second guitar: "Iris Seen", "Joke On Round Eye", and "Ravens' Ravine" played by David Cluff

Paul Roessler: keys on "Skin To Soul" and "Exfoliate"
vocals on "Ravens' Ravine"

engineered and produced
by Paul Roessler

Recorded at Kitten Robot Studios
© Plastic Shaman Records /



released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Records Ad Nauseam Los Angeles, California

The Last Inter -Dimensional Rock N' Roll Record Label!
Est. 2008•8•8

Records Ad Nauseam is another name for Manuel Vee & Rio Warner. With the unflinching help of Luka Fisher.

They run it out of Glitter Death, an underground rock n roll shop / art gallery in Hollywood.

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Track Name: Iris Seen
ris seen
iris seen

many crimes
against the book

you swear on your sacred relic
and preach prosperity for all
but ever since this plague's been founded and arranged
nothing's ever changed
Track Name: Not In My Backyard
he solid sound of a .45
washed away the sleep from eyes
the bored lives stories above
stared down at catastrophic love
a lethal arcade game to follow
a desperate plea
the pride unswallowed
apparent efforts to mop up the place
ended with spilled predictable blood
unfortunately after ending the face
of an innocent man with nowhere to run

and the town fell to its knees with dread
and the entertainment producer said

Burkhart mother Burkhart son
the deranged Germanic duo
these are the tits I need
here's the money I don't have
so let's flee, a skip across the pond
it's new year's eve
something's bound to go wrong
fifty structure fires in three days
the hills will glow terra cotta
to match the skin of these cretins
payback's a bitch, Villaraigosa
extradition! laurel cyn burn!
extradition! franklin hills burn!
extradition! hollywood hills you're goin down!

and the town fell to its knees with dread
and the entertainment producer said

a morning stroll through Bronson
down the path from raven's ravine
a chilling discovery was made
a couple hands, a head, some feet
killer still at large
the case will never be closed
toss a treat to the golden retriever
indiana bones
atta boy pooch
don't let that head roll away, indiana bones

and the town fell to its knee with dread
and the entertainment producer said
Track Name: Joke on Round Eye
eyes of the horizon
weep a deluge of sorrow

the white face unsettled
conjecture of the yellow's
masochist mind

supreme being has fallen
supreme leader stalin
allow them their bondage

the white infringing nose
the right and moral prose
cast its shadow over your home


you're also controlled
long bought and sold
a subjective blindfold

monetary value
and the monastery guide you
FDA approved for you
as you lick your blighted
dinner plate clean


eyes of the horizon
weep a deluge of sorrow
Track Name: Skin To Soul
continue rosemary and especially marijuana
this diamond, this eye of fire
until you discover to offer the skin
beyond the stars let inside merge with outside
this point- a larger boundary
where immense wings become world

open like a large fan
releasing horses
don't persist to the right column
pouring down from the cosmos
beating its wings
an expanding sphere dissolves yourself

anxiety to protect its sperm of ten thousand petals
ten thousand holy hands made living
savory impregnable thighs opening
lucid moth sky
reach out to the six directions

now move! and conquer with promise of return
it reaches into infinity
maturing on the path

the luminous absence
where all words fail
mortal destiny
without fear
even the scrotum dissolves

Dona Magdalena
hidden strips of black velvet
your skin is not prison
you have learned
intimate sensuality

creature stirred
stirred mortar waves
demanding to know the belly
the belly you have learned
Track Name: Exfoliate
inside my head i try to shake
this dirty, filthy, clouded tank
shit jetsam, it's a dreadful tint
pinballing the city's useless lint

endless torture game for me
irrationality- the eighth new sea

torn apart, tied to the block
opposing forces, in tandem knock
the first of which- accept and move on
conform to the doldrums' eternal yawn

but cynicism-stitched spirit's quest
dissent for their ways and never rest

exfoliate your mind
into the landfill
drop it into the cauldron
found at the mouth of hell
Track Name: Ravens Ravine
a painter's palette's nightmare
has blanketed his feathers
the common scavenger
can never be mistaken
cut loose the cords
and gizzardous fibers
maliciously severed
by god's given dagger

the beast is still detected
with audible ease
he will always soar
along with the breeze
king roach of the sky
the last gasp of life
is sure to catch your eye
my frail body
seemingly meek
leaps at the chance
to cook stew with your beak

there sits a band
of crusty crows
snubbed from the west
by a bat shaped nose
crusty cries cut
through a canyon's edge
and a dry river runs
through ravens' ravine